Medical checkup packages

What is it and what is it purpose?

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Անոթային վիրաբուժություն

What is it and what is it purpose?

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From July 1st the working hours of the Nersisyan branch have been changed.

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Online Doctor

Get a medical report without leaving home in just 24 hours.

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Travel confidently with Cito Medical Center.

You can find the answers to your questions below.

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Working hours

Nersisyan branch

Mon.-Fri. 08:30 – 17:30
Saturday 09:00 – 15:00
Sunday non-working

(+374) 44 320 023

Welcome to «Cito» medical centre

Experienced specialists, state-of-the-art laboratories, and the latest equipment for high-quality laboratory and instrumental research. A number of diseases are diagnosed and treated at the center, surgical interventions are carried out. We will go through the whole path of diagnosis and treatment of the disease with you-in stages.

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Our doctors

The center employs the best specialists in the field of healthcare. Get acquainted with
their professional path և activity and choose your doctor.

ՔԱՄԱԼՅԱՆ ՏԻԳՐԱՆ ԱՇՈՏԻ Անոթային վիրաբույժ
Work Experience
բժշկական գիտությունների թեկնածու
Work Experience
Ցիտո բժշկական կենտրոնին միացել է 2013թ.-ին․․․
Hovsepyan Vardges Vagifi
Hovsepyan Vardges VagifiProctologist, Endoscopist
Professional activity
Has been working at "Cito" medical center since 2021․․․
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Our services

Research, diagnosis, treatment of diseases, also a number of surgeries ․
Get acquainted with the medical services provided at the center. The section will help him to decide in case of any problems that it is necessary to turn to a specialist.

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The latest news and events of "Cito" Medical Center,
Information about the services, packages, and use of the center
about opportunities. In the section, you can also find information about "Cito"
the answers to the most pressing questions of the period.

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