We currently have discounts available for the following examinations.

  1. "House call" service includes the following examinations:
    • blood sampling
    • ultrasound examination
    ultrasound examination of heart
    All the necessary tests are performed at home with the help of mobile equipment, and the electronic version of the answers is sent to you and your doctor. "House call" is the cost of the service 5 000 dram.

  2. Before April 20, get a consultation with a neurologist, do a neck duplex and a blood coagulability test - a correlogram, just 20 000 dram.
  3. Until April 20, you can examine the level of thyroid hormones (TSH, FT4, Anti TPO), perform a gland sonography and undergo a consultation with an endocrinologist for only 30 000 dram.
  4. If you perform the Androcenosis examination with us, you get a FREE opportunity to be tested for the presence of papillomavirus (HPV 16, 18) in your body. Androcenosis research cost 25 000 dram.
  5. If you pass your vitamin D level test at Cito Medical Center now, you will get a FREE ionized calcium test. The cost of vitamin D research is: 12 000 dram.