SpecializationGastroenterologist, hepatologist

Professional activity
She has been working at Cito Medical Center since 03.2023 Gastroenterologist, hepatologist
Armenia Republican Medical Center CJSC 10.2022-03.2023 Gastroenterologist, hepatologist
Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery CJSC 10.2021-09.2022 Night shift therapist

2014-2020 Yerevan State Medical University After M. Heratsi, is qualified as M.D.Physicianmin the field of general medicine
2020-2022 YSMU, Mikaelyan Institute Of Surgery CJSC , is qualified as medical specialist, in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology

2021 Ukraine, C.Dnipro online academy Wellness Consulting
Nutritional consultant, practical dietetics, and nutrition.