The General Clinical Laboratory is equipped with "Sysmex 1000i", "Urysis 1000i" equipment, performs the following examinations:

  • general blood test
  • CBC
  • coprooscopy
  • general examination of urine

The clinical examination of the blood is performed by the "Sysmex1000i" analyzer, which allows not only to have the known parameters of the general blood test (hemoglobin, leukocytes, erythrocytes) in a matter of minutes, but also to provide information on the number, volume and hemoglobin concentrations of the latter. an integral part of modern diphtheria. These are: MCV, MCH, MCHC. Leukocyte variants are expressed in both absolute and percentage values. The analysis is accompanied by three diagrams showing platelet and leukocyte abnormalities. In case of such deviations, the leukoformula is examined under a microscope by an experienced specialist.
ENA examination is performed on venous blood using special vacuum pipettes with a mark of up to 200. The relatively high cost of this research is due to a number of other advantages.

• the test results are obtained within 30 minutes
• blood is drawn from a vein by a vacuum system
• a large number of notes allows you to have an accurate picture.